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Cavity wall insulation claims against CIGA

by MJV&Co

Cavity wall insulation is legally required to come with a 25 year guarantee. In most cases, this is provided by CIGA (‘the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency’), but many homeowners we speak to who have tried to claim against CIGA have had their claims rejected.

One client had cavity wall insulation fitted on the recommendation of an installation company around five years ago. She lives in an area where wind driven rain is a problem and her property is exposed to winds coming in from the sea. It was never suitable for the cavity wall insulation product that was fitted and the installer failed to carry out the necessary survey or clear the cavity. Over the next few years, the cavity wall insulation caused damp, condensation, moisture and damage to her home.

On receipt of the client’s claim, CIGA sent out an inspector who was not a qualified surveyor. They prepared a report that confirmed that the cavity wall insulation should never have been fitted, but denying that it was the cause of her damp instead blaming the client for not properly maintaining her property.

It is bad enough that cavity wall insulation was fitted into the client’s home when it was never appropriate causing damp, moisture, condensation and damage, but for CIGA to blame her caused a great deal of distress and upset.

Luckily, the lady contacted MJV & Co Solicitors for advice. We visited the client and inspected her home. We reviewed all the paperwork she had relating to the cavity wall insulation including the CIGA report and made our own enquiries. We sent a specialist surveyor to her home to undertake a full damp report and provide us with a schedule of the remedial work. The company who installed the cavity wall insulation no longer exists and so her only recourse is against CIGA.

We have encountered very few people who have successfully made claims against CIGA without the help of a Solicitor. Obtaining comprehensive evidence to debunk the inaccurate reports provided by CIGA is vital to the chances of a claim being successful.

The request for arbitration on this case will shortly be submitted. There is no guarantee that it will succeed, but the service we provide is no win no fee and so by obtaining specialist advice and representation, the client has put herself in the best possible position to succeed with her claim.

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