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Cavity Wall Insulation claims

by MJV&Co

While certain media outlets are beginning to take note, it is scandalous how little attention the nightmare some homeowners are going through because cavity wall insulation was fitted to their homes when, either, their home was never suitable or the necessary steps to ensure it was done safely were not taken.

For many years successive governments funded businesses across the country to fit cavity wall insulation into thousands upon thousands of properties. While some homeowners saved on energy bills and got some, if not the advertised, benefit from the scheme a large number have suffered years of misery as a result.

As an example, where we are based, on the Fylde Coast in west Lancashire, homes are built with a cavity in the wall to ensure that any wind driven rain, and there is a lot, that manages to penetrate the exterior wall will fall down the cavity before draining and thus preventing the water from coming into contact with the interior wall, which would cause damp. Filling the cavity with insulation prevents this from happening and causes the rain to pas through the cavity and onto the interior wall causing damp and associated problems for the homeowner.

This is a deliberately simplistic summary of the problem and there are various different issues with cavity wall insulation depending on the type of materials and construction used in building a property in addition to various specific problems caused by location.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Association, which is intended to guarantee the installation and ensure that any harm caused by the cavity wall insulation is rectified has proven unfit for purpose and thousands of homeowners across the country have been left with damp, wet and, often, unpleasant smelling properties and all because an unscrupulous fitter opted to install the cavity wall insulation to ensure they received payment from the government.

If you have cavity wall insulation in your home and damp on the walls, contact us today for a free, no obligation conversation about how we can help you. There are various ways you can fund your claim and no win no fee is available in many cases.

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