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Get expert advice for cavity wall insulation claims

by MJV&Co

We are increasingly speaking to potential clients whose homes have been blighted by the negligent installation of cavity wall insulation, many of whom have already presented a claim to CIGA, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Association.

They do so believing they are doing the right thing as they benefit from a guarantee, however, it is common for CIGA or their agent to send out an inspector who will undertake remedial work, sometimes without the homeowner’s consent. While this may not sound a bad thing, when the homeowner then tries to make a cavity wall insulation claim, they have been deprived of the opportunity of having an expert surveyor attend the property and provide a report on the damage and what has caused it.

We urge anyone who is suffering from damp, condensation or moisture problems who believes this may have been caused by the installation of cavity wall insulation to call us on 01253 858231 or to e-mail Michael Vincent at before contacting or making a claim to CIGA or any of the other guarantee agencies.

It may be that you have a better avenue for your cavity wall insulation claim than the guarantee company, but even if you do not, obtaining the best evidence as soon as possible is essential to your chances of success.