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Government denial of impact of cavity wall insulation

by MJV&Co

Following a statement in the House of Commons from Welsh MP, Hywell Williams in which he highlighted the damp, condensation, damage and mould cavity wall installation can cause when installed wither in homes that were never suitable or in breach of the British Standards, the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy commented to the BBC, “The government is committed to ensuring that consumers are protected when choosing cavity wall insulation.

“That’s why installations carried out under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) are subject to a number of strict quality standards and Ofgem requires cavity wall insulation to come with a minimum 25 year guarantee.”

At MJV & Co, we are assisting clients with making claims for he damp, mould and condensation caused by the negligent installation of cavity wall insulation and the suggestion that the government funded installers installed the products pursuant to the British Standard is naive at best. All around the country the standard of cavity wall insulation has been atrocious. The cavities have not been cleared, surveys have not been undertaken prior to the installation and products put into properties that are specifically stated within installation guidance as being unsuitable.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Association are the primary guarantee agency that the spokesperson refers to. While Ofgem may require that there is a guarantee in place, they do not require that guarantee to be fit for purpose. CIGA seemingly acknowledge the claim for cavity wall insulation being removed and pay their approved agents, who are often the companies whose key people were key people in the companies who installed the cavity wall insulation. They rarely acknowledge that cavity wall insulation causes damp, condensation and mould and that the effect of this to directly cause a significant amount of damage to the home in which it is installed. As such, these parts of the claims are rejected and the innocent homeowner is left to remedy the damage themselves.

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