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We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with local businesses and the people behind those businesses. We provide expert, but also practical, legal advice in a way that suits you and your business.

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We offer a no obligation meeting to allow us to get to know you and vice versa even if you do not yet have a matter on which you wish to instruct us yet.

Equally, if you do have an ongoing issue that you feel we can help you with, please call us today to arrange a free, no obligation meeting at a time and place that suits you.

We can assist you and your business with:

  1. Charities;
  2. Commercial agreements;
  3. Company law;
  4. Debt recovery;
  5. Employment matters;
  6. Health and safety;
  7. Leases and property;
  8. Licensing;
  9. Litigation and dispute resolution;
  10. And more.

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Our debt recovery service is available at £180 plus VAT of £36 totalling £216 per hour plus disbursements. In some cases we can agree costs as a percentage of the amount recovered, but this will depend on the individual circumstances of the case.

Our Service

Your case will be handled by one of our expert solicitors who have a minimum of ten years’ experience each in the legal sector.

We will comply with the Pre-Action Protocol that governs your claim and make all reasonable efforts to settle it without the need for court proceedings.

Should proceedings be required, we will issue them at court and comply with any and all directions the court gives on your behalf, but with your full cooperation and based entirely upon your instructions.

We will arrange for a suitable Barrister to attend any final hearings or application hearings on your behalf.

Once the matter has been settled or a judgment given, we will report to you the outcome and provide any further services you require to ensure that it is finalised.

The key stages of the matter are the letter of claim and response; pre-proceedings negotiations, the court proceedings including witness statements and the disclosure of evidence; and the final hearing.