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Compensation for disrepair to a flat roof

by MJV&Co

Our client is a tenant in a housing association property. She had complained about a leak coming from her flat roof. Her first complaint was made around eight years before she instructed us.

She had done everything correctly. She had reported the issue to her landlord several times and taken photographs of the damage done b the water that was leaking into her home. Her landlord had inspected the property, but continually made excuses as to why they could not repair the issue and so she instructed MJV Solicitors to help her.

We notified her landlord of our involvement and engaged the assistance of a specialist surveyor who inspected the property and provided us with an expert witness report. This confirmed the cause of the problem and what needed to be done to repair it. Shortly after presenting the landlord with the report and beginning negotiations, we were able to settle her claim.

Her landlord agreed to undertake all the works the expert required and pay our client £8,250 in compensation for failing in their repairing obligations. Our client now has a home in the condition it should always have been in as well as a payment of damages to compensate her for the period she did not.

If you live in a property let to you by a council or a housing association and believe your home is blighted by disrepair that is your landlord’s responsibility, MJV Solicitors are here to help. We provide expert legal advice and assistance on a no win no fee basis. To enquire as to whether you may have a claim, call us on 01253 858231 or e-mail Matthew Vincent at