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Employment Law

We understand that problems at work can be very difficult and it can be unclear where is best to turn for professional, impartial advice. We have years of experience in advising both businesses and employees on a wide range of employment law related issues and are accustomed to providing simple, clear advice when you need it most.

Employment Law

If, after your free, no obligation chat with one of our Solicitors, you do have a case we are able to offer no win no fee services to employees or workers (subject to terms and conditions) and fixed fee services for employers or businesses.

Some of the issues we can help you with are:

  1. Compromise or settlement agreements;
  2. Disciplinary matters;
  3. Discrimination;
  4. Grievances;
  5. Harassment;
  6. Redundancy;
  7. Unfair or constructive dismissal;
  8. Workplace bullying;
  9. And more

Call us today on 01253 858231 or e-mail for a free, no obligation chat about the issues you are having whether as an employer or a worker.

Cost – Employees

Unfair/Constructive Dismissal
If we believe you have a strong case and a good chance of success, in many cases we are able to offer no win no fee arrangements. If your claim fails, you pay us nothing, but if it succeeds we take 1/3 of the money you receive as payment as our costs. It is very rare for the losing party to be ordered to pay costs in these claims and so only by requiring payment of costs by successful Claimants are we able to act on a no win no fee basis.

If you still wish to use our service, but we cannot assist you on a no win no fee basis, we can do so at a cost of £180 per hour plus VAT and disbursements.

For other areas of employment law, please call us for cost details. Fixed fees are often available.

Our Service

Once we have accepted your claim, we will:

  1. Always try and negotiate a fair settlement;
  2. Present your claim to your employer;
  3. Consider any response and advise you upon it;
  4. Ensure that the matter is dealt with within the strict time limits of employment claims;
  5. Present the claim to ACAS and engage with their service;
  6. Draft any and all documents required by the Employment Tribunal;
  7. Attend any hearings or arrange for a Barrister to represent you at any hearings.

The key stages of such claims are the letter of claim and response; the ACAS negotiations; the preparation for the Tribunal; and the final hearing.

Cost – Employers

Unfair/Constructive Dismissal
We can assist you in defending a claim made at a cost of £180 plus VAT per and hour plus any disbursements we are required to incur.

Unfortunately, as the Claimant is unlikely to be ordered to pay costs in such matters, no win no fee arrangements are not available.

For other areas of employment law, please call us for cost details.