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Housing Disrepair: cracks, damp and other issues

by MJV&Co

Our client approached us because she had been complaining to her landlord for around six months.

Her home suffered from various problems:

  1. The plaster in many rooms was cracked and falling away from the walls;
  2. There were cracks around several windows;
  3. Some of the windows had failed and the seals had degraded causing drafts and leaks;
  4. There were issues with mould, damp and condensation;
  5. The toilet was broken; and
  6. There were cracked and damaged tiles in the kitchen.

Landlord’s Failure

As is often so, her landlord inspected her property but did nothing else. They made promises that they did not keep and did not undertake any repairs as they should have.

Our Involvement

Our client grew frustrated at the conditions she was living in and instructed us to help her. We did so on a no win no fee basis as we do with all the housing disrepair clients whose claims we accept.

We presented the claim to her landlord and started the process as soon as she had completed her paperwork.

Sadly, her landlord ignored us as well. We instructed one of the country’s leading housing disrepair surveyors who inspected the property and produced a report. This confirmed that there was substantial disrepair that was the landlord’s responsibility. Once they received the report, they initially denied any wrong doing, but using our expertise and experience, we were able to prove them wrong.


We were able to negotiate an agreement that our client was happy with. She was well compensated and now lives in a home free from damp, falling plaster and other disrepair that no tenant should have to endure

Your Claim

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