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Housing Disrepair – damp with holes in the roof

by MJV&Co

Our clients approached us as they had a hole in their roof. It was allowing water to pour into their home causing damage and disrepair. They believed there was also penetrating damp as the upstairs bedrooms suffered from black mould. As is always so, this also caused stress, anxiety and general upset.

We submitted their claim and their landlord denied any responsibility. They claimed that they had carried out their own inspection, which had revealed there was no such problem.


Landlords often use their own employees to carry out their inspections. At MJV Solicitors, we instruct one of the UK’s finest and most reputable inspection companies to carry out an independent assessment. Their inspection revealed that our clients suspicions about the roof had been incorrect.

The roof was in good condition and there were no leaks or holes.

The mould  in the bedrooms was caused by the extractor fan in the bathroom not working. This meant that, instead of being extracted away from the property, cold and damp air was allowed to circulate upstairs.

Penetrating damp was identified as were problems with the electrics that our clients had complained of.

A thorough inspection revealed more disrepair that is the landlord’s responsibility than our clients had been aware of and this included:

  • an uneven path that posed a tripping hazard;
  • a loose radiator;
  • defective windows; and
  • a loose window trim and surrounding plaster


Having proven that there was disrepair for which the landlord was responsible, we were able to settle the claim on behalf of our clients.

The problems at the property first presented themselves around 6-9 months before the case settled and we were able to negotiate compensation for our clients that they were very happy with. We also required their landlord to accept responsibility and to undertake all the repairs required by our expert.

Once the claim had settled, our clients had the home they deserved and compensation they were happy with.

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