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Legal fees

by MJV&Co

Many people are reluctant to instruct solicitors because of concerns about costs. This is understandable as legal services have a reputation as being expensive. Many of them are.

You may have seen that, where possible, we at MJV Solicitors publish our fees on our website. We have an obligation to publish some of these, but go beyond what we are required to. Some of our competitors do not even comply with the basic requirements. What have they got to hide?

We do this because we believe in openness, transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. Some of our fees are even advertised in our window.

It is not always possible to give a fixed price at the outset and sometimes estimates change, but we feel it is important that our clients have assurance that there will be no nasty surprises when they receive their bill.

Fixed fees are when we provide a service for a set price no matter how much work is involved. We offer these for residential conveyancing, wills, Lasting Powers of Attorneys and simple probate matters.

Capped fees are when we charge by the our, but agree a maximum price. For example, if we cap our fee at £1,500, but only £1,200 of work is necessary, that is all you pay. However, if we did £1,800 of work then you would only pay the agreed cap of £1,500. We offer these for commercial property, some litigation and more complex probate cases.

There are other areas of law where we are able to agree to a no win no fee basis, which normally includes us taking a percentage of any money we recover in addition to our costs being paid.

We offer a free initial 30 minute consultation and, following that meeting, we will provide you with our fee estimate. You will then have all the information you require in advance of making a decision about whether to proceed with us.

If you have a legal matter and are concerned about cost, please call us on 01253 858231 to discuss it arrange your free, no obligation appointment.