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A new home instead of repairs

by MJV&Co

In claims for housing disrepair, the court does not have the power to order a landlord to move you to a new property. However, by instructing MJV Solicitors, as experts in housing disrepair, we are sometimes able to negotiate this.

Case Study

Our client was living in a property suffering from bad disrepair. The problems included:

  • Plaster falling away from the walls;
  • Cracks in the plaster on the walls and ceilings;
  • Mould and damp in all rooms;
  • Poorly maintained external brickwork;
  • A broken toilet; and
  • Broken bathroom tiles

Our client had been reporting the problems for over six months when she reached out to us for help. We were able to help her on a no win no fee basis.

The Property

The disrepair was so bad, that our client’s landlord needed to move her and her family out of their home while repairs were undertaken. She did not want this and wanted to move out for good.

It is not possible for a court to order this. All it can do is order the landlord to conform with the lease and to do the repairs required. However, we approached her landlord and asked that they compensate her and move her to another property for good.

Following some negotiations, we were able to agree that her landlord move her to a new property she was happy with. She also received a payment of compensation. She had no out of pocket expenses and her landlord paid all the costs of her moving.

Can I move?

Not all landlords will agree. It is important to make sure that an offer to move is made in a certain way and so should only be made through expert housing disrepair lawyers such as MJV Solicitors.

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