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Slipping accidents on the increase

by MJV&Co

Over the last few months, the personal injury team at MJV & Co Solicitors have seen a vast increase in the number of claims being brought by clients who have been injured as a result of slipping on a liquid that has been spilt.

It is impossible for all spillages to be cleaned up immediately, but any business that invites members of the public onto its premises must have an adequate health and safety policy that includes checking such hazards. The frequency of these checks will depend on the nature of the business, but any business involved in the sale of liquids such as supermarkets, bars, pubs, nightclubs or shops should have an inspection policy that is suitable and they must follow it.

We have been contacted by numerous clients who have been injured in slipping accidents around the country and have suffered injury as a result. These injuries range from damage to the knees and broken front teeth to broken ankles.

In some cases, a spillage is not involved and negligent business practices lead to injury claims. One client was injured in a local supermarket when the cleaner began mopping the floor, but did not place the necessary wet floor sign out. Our client fell and fractured both of her wrists receiving over £5,000 in compensation.

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